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About Crown Recycling on Long Island


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Over 30 years serving New York with Solid Waste Disposal and Removal
*We are currently not serving Queens for waste disposal services* crown The Crown Recycling Facility in Long Island is committed to using the most innovative equipment and methods available in the recycling industry. The facility was founded in 1970 and through three generations of servicing the community of Long Island and the 5 boroughs of New York City, the Rossano family has gained a reputation of commitment, quality, and service. Our goal is to work tirelessly in finding new and improved methods to recycle incoming materials which can then be re-used for new construction and the production of new products. Our company is dedicated to helping preserve the environment by keeping as much waste out of the landfills, through recycling, as possible. For over 30 years, Crown Recycling has provided with waste disposal and removal. And our ability to process 50 tons of waste per hour, makes Crown Recycling Facility a leader in solid waste recycling. Crown Recycling Facility has become one of the largest, non-public companies in the recycling industry, emphasizing personal service and reliability. Today, the second generation oversees the management and daily operations of running the recycling business. Born with the work ethic of their predecessors, while armed with a firm business plan, they continue to strive to be an industry leader in recycling. When you entrust your scrap needs to Crown Recycling Facility, you can be assured that you have two generations of expertise delivering competitive pricing, together with prompt payment and unparalleled service. We’re proud of our commitment to keeping a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Our entire staff believes that by recycling scrap metal materials, we’re helping to forward the concept of better environmental practices.

The fight back against Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Mid-Atlantic, the Caribbean, and the Northeastern United States, Crown Recycling Facility took action. After Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency on October 26, 2012 we stepped up and began to help with the massive clean-up. Extensive flooding left tons of debris and waste throughout Long Island. Crown Recycling Facility acted fast – we moved over five million cubic yards of debris. Many New Yorkers were left without power as the clean-up continued and we committed to helping the effort until all of the waste had been cleared and either moved to our recycling center or to the state landfills. Though the clean-up of the debris left by Hurricane Sandy was an enormous and overwhelming task, our team took it all in stride as just part of the job. In a combined effort with New York State, we cleared 20,000 cubic yards of debris per day until the clean-up was complete

Our family looking out for your family and their future

The Rossano family has owned and operated Crown Recycling Facility for over 30 years and our core values of commitment, innovation, and finding the best solutions available in recycling have never changed. While we are only one company, we are dedicated to contributing to the preservation of the environment in a positive and important way. And we like to think of it as our family looking out for your family and their future. We are always ready to help and make it our business to provide you with on time performance, a strong work ethic, and the best customer service possible. If you have any questions about our services or how we can help you please contact us online or call (631)727-3939 to speak to one of our helpful staff.

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